All of us dream
of infinite freedom
like birds in flight.
How ecstatic to bathe
in the sunny rays
in the sky!
But gravity holds us all
to the earth.
And even the bird
is its prisoner.
Languishing in a mire
of tangled meditation,
a lonely thought
craving liberation
flies out
from the nest.
Inspiration swells up
like a destructive wave,
yet nothing is more
She lives in the oceans
and has a power over storms,
which she delights
in sending down on sailors.
During a ship-wreck,
at the moment before
plunging to the bottom,
she appears to them
as a beautiful woman.
Her name is Fata Morgana.
As a warning, Fata Morgana
sends to sailors the image
of the huge ship flying in the sky
with shredded sails
called the Flying Dutchman.
“Dear sailor”, she says in this image,
“the captain of this ship
was also very brave
and did not believe
in my awesome power”.
Solitude is a rock
that weighs in your heart,
and sinks you
to the bottom of life.
You are sinking
in the marsh
of worldly vanity,
when suddenly
you see Naiad;
and you beg her
to rescue you.
Wings of love
carry lovers in the air.
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